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Enterprises usually have significant investments in IT assets to execute their business and derive appropriate returns. These investments often are made over a period of time and spread across the technology spectrum i.e. spanning from legacy platforms to client-server system to more contemporary multi-tier browser-based systems.

With the business landscapes continuously changing alongside the newer and better technologies, application maintenance can prove quite challenging. Surveys of IT spend indicates that organizations spend up to 70% of their IT budget on non-discretionary costs - in other words, costs to maintain current IT functionality and operations. Therefore, it is imperative that the costs of IT management and application maintenance becomes more effective and efficient, thus providing your business the edge to compete.

Our maintenance offerings
  • Technical help desk support
  • Fault analysis
  • Design update
  • Upgrades and Patches
  • Code review
  • Testing
  • Documentation maintenance
  • Application Enhancements
  • (SLA) Service Level Agreements based support services
Our offerings here in under include the following
  • Problem management
  • Enhancement support
  • Implementation support
  • Change management
  • Service level management
  • Business continuity planning
  • Application maintenance
  • Production support
  • Technical Help desk support
  • 24x7 support & maintenance of application systems
The maintenance flavors under this service umbrella of ours are as follows
  • Corrective maintenance - Fixing bugs in the code.
  • Adaptive maintenance - Making the software adaptive to new environments.
  • Perfective maintenance - Updating the software according to changes in user requirements.
  • Preventive maintenance - Updating documentation and making the software more maintainable.
We have carved out our maintenance methodology in the following lines
  • Problem identification
  • Problem analysis
  • Maintenance design
  • Maintenance implementation
  • Regression test
  • Acceptance test
  • Delivery
Business Benefits
  • Incredible efficiency sourcing from a modernized, standardized & streamlined IT portfolio
  • Reduced TCO due to reduced maintenance cost and complexity of legacy software
  • Frees up valuable IT staff and other resources for more strategic, core initiatives.
  • Brings best-of-breed technology solutions to the task.
  • Lowers cost of ongoing support.
  • Increased customer satisfaction

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