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Facility Monitoring Service

Facility Monitoring Service (FMS) is an extended service to existing client using CTI products to Monitor Performance, productivity of Application deployed. FMS is dedicated engineer deployed at on site Client office. Major Task of FMS Engineer to ensure that the Application are functional before start of the trading hours every day and that the Application continue to work throughout the trading hours and also till the data synchronization is completed.

FMS Engineer has a defined Job responsibility to perform and is organized in 3 phase Start of day, During Trading and End of Day. Reporting is done on daily basis by engineer to client.

FMS is managed by Nexsus Support Engineers implanted at on site office of Client. The FMS is primarily responsible for monitoring deployed application servers through Dash Board and coordinating with Branch in charge.

Job Responsibilities of FMS

  • Monitor Status , Performance and Productivity
  • Send reminders to Branch in charge to start dedicated Application System
  • Resolving Issue on Self or Passing it to trouble Shoot Officers from Nexsus
  • Reporting to Client SPOC
  • EOD Report on daily activity
  • Study Issue and performing root cause Study issues and performing Root Cause Analysis and take Corrective & Preventive actions
  • Escalate unresolved issues to higher management
  • Attending the Management Review Meetings and provide directions

Some of Benefits of FMS Services

  • Timely and accurate resolution of support requests.
  • Availability of large pool of trained resources at Nexsus
  • Problem and change management disciplines
  • Reduction of backlog
  • Stability of staff throughout support project
  • Extended knowledge base
  • Reliable & Cost Effective

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