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Nexsus Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a premiere IT and Telecom Solutions provider for Customer Interaction Management Technology. We provide particular expertise around business redesign and multi-channel integration for the telecommunications and other sectors.

Our Products have stood the test of time and have carved a niche of their own; delivering consistency and efficiency across varied communication media segments.

Apart from expertise in the Telecommunications sector, our domain proficiency extends to sectors like Banking, Finance, Education, Health and Hospitality.

Our Areas of Expertise

Nexsus provides subject matter expertise in design, architecture implementation and management of major telecommunications and call centre technologies.

Expertise is built around full life cycle solution implementation, technical project management and delivery. Focus of implementation projects is on CRM/Contact Centre technologies (CRM SW Packages, ACD, CTI, IVR,) and other Customer Interaction Management Technology. We are an independent system integration consultancy focusing on delivery and management of CRM/Contact Centre and other domain projects.

Telecom Solutions

Application Integration is indispensable for telecom companies due to the multi-technology, multi-vendor environment in which telecom networks operate. The existence of legacy systems alongside new generation systems makes integration crucial for the telecom sector.

Nexsus Techno Solutions has garnered significant experience and understanding of the telecom domain - expertise. We are an independent system integration consultancy focusing on management and delivery of CRM/Contact Centre projects. Some of our off the-shelf products like Call Balance, Call Confine, Voice Balance, MaxDial, Innovative Call Recording and Torrent have integrated seamlessly into the current business architecture.

We have experience in business and strategic consulting as well as cross business sectors' technical implementation and management experience with major CRM and call centre technology.

Nexsus Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd., with a technologically sound business profile is committed to continually invest in people, processes, infrastructure and facilities, ensuring the highest levels of performance. We are committed to building scalable and subtle business solutions & services ensuring customer success.

Consulting Services

For the implementation of enterprise solutions; we delve into the crux of various visible factors, like proper understanding of domain, work processes, inter and intra-enterprise relationship management etc, since any enterprise-wide solution affects such factors at different levels.

Nexsus understands it's client's specific requirements before designing the solutions. From organizational to process mapping, we work with clients at a grass root level to assess the requirement.

This is followed by a comprehensive business reengineering exercise to eliminate redundant practices. This streamlines the processes with more congruity.

We then begin to work on functionality requirements, the required technology platform and the legacy database porting strategies that help us design the solution.

The internal domain specialists develop the solution with mandible support from our technology experts. The whole procedure is tested meticulously and implemented at the client's location(s).

IT competence in the SME sector is low compared to large enterprises, due to the lack of well grounded IT departments. The computerization is in islands with automated functions like accounts, payroll and inventory.

We have observed that these are standalone applications and they cannot be logically integrated into a common architecture as they do not function in harmony.

Facing stringent budgetary constraints, SME's need IT consulting support to ensure best value for money. We have maneuvered our services to assist SME's in procuring scalable IT solutions for gaining optimum superiority in business. All infrastructural shortcomings are dissolved in this process.

The research work at Nexsus is an extension of its consulting work. We evaluate new technologies and third-party solutions regularly, while carrying out technology evaluation studies on our client's behalf.

Depending on the need, we devise suitable third-party solutions and apply extensive testing of functionality, technical competence, system architecture and scalability under simulated conditions. The recommendation reports follow.

Our research also focuses on various other IT-related issues including hardware, network design & implementation, Internet-enabled technology, managerial challenges and training issues.

In other words, our Research and Development team prepares ground for our consulting assignments, giving a candid description of our work methodology.

Nexsus Techno Solutions is primarily a consulting and research company, our domain knowledge is substantial in the Telecommunications industry and also in industries such as Finance, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Health and Travel.

Nexsus takes care of the business process mapping, needs assessment, implementation, training and commissioning. Since we design these solutions, the customization and optimization process is managed ably.

We offer these solutions as licensed products. The off-the-shelf products can be availed on a pay-per-use basis.

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