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Onsite/Offshore delivery model is also one of the most successful and popular outsourcing models employed today. In this model the service provider will have their center near to client's premises and the job will be distributed between this offsite center and an offshore development center located in a different country. The offsite center will act as the mediator between the client and the offshore development center. The task undertaken by each of the teams depends on the type of work as well as on the facilities available in each of the centers and the facilities required to complete the task. Usually, the offsite team handles 20-30% of the total work and the offshore team manages the rest.

Tasks accomplished by the offsite team
  • Collecting initial information from the client
  • Analyzing the collected specifications of the project
  • Planning and initial design.
  • Communicating in a right way, the complete specifications to the offshore center
  • Testing/Checking before handing it over to client
  • Interacting with the client on a regular basis
  • Ensuring on-time delivery
  • Helping the client in implementation and maintenance
Tasks accomplished at the offshore development center
  • Thorough and comprehensive design
  • Successful Development of the project as per the detailed design
  • Testing before handing it over to offsite team
  • Providing technical and operational support

The Onsite/Offshore Model is preferred where the clients want to outsource to a service provider located near them thereby having a control on the development process and also where they want to avail of the benefits resulting from offshore outsourcing. Changes in client's requirements, if any, can be communicated better to the service provider on account of the client's proximity with the offsite center.

In software development cases where the Offsite/Offshore Model is used the offsite team does all the requirement analysis and hands over the specifications to the offshore development center wherein the development and testing of software is done. The software is then handed over to the offsite center, which then implements it at the client's site.

Nexsus, through its offsite center at Kolkata, India and its highly skilled offshore development center located in Mumbai, India has been successfully completing outsourcing tasks for the long list of clients it has.

Advantages of Onsite/Offshore Delivery Model
  • Quick Response: Responsiveness to changes in client's requirements is faster on account of the offsite center
  • Clients get all the advantages of offshore delivery model
  • The client has control on the development process up to a certain limit.

The management and administration costs involved in maintaining both the centers may inhibit many service providers from going for the offsite/offshore model. Also the cultural differences arising form the geographical differences between the offsite center and offshore center need to be managed effectively.

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