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Managed Services

Nexsus has a major commitment to providing support services to help our customers maintain and enhance their existing CTI applications with enhanced service levels and productivity at a significantly lower cost. Nexsusís approach to support and enhancement activities is innovative, tools driven, flexible and process-oriented.

Managed Services Objective

Reduce Support Calls
Improves Levels of Service
Reduce Existing Backlog
Cost Effective
Process Oriented

Managed services model and its well-proven methodology The purpose of the Managed Services is to extend the expertise of Nexsus Team to the existing and prospective clients, for planned maintenance and support services, which is managed by Nexsus.


This will be achieved by:

  • Dedicated HelpDesk
  • Building back end Maintenance & support
  • Periodic on Site Health Check up for System
  • Monitoring the Performance of Hardware & Application

The main Component of Managed Service is:

  • 1) The helpdesk will consist of team of Nexus Personnel, Who will be placed onsite at Clients office. This dedicated team will receive and manage all the issues that the users log into helpdesk system
    2) The Helpdesk team will strive to provide immediate resolution of issues, which are of simple nature and do not need any technical personnel to work on.

  • Performance Monitoring
  • 1) The performance monitoring consists of periodic health check - up of the system and Data Management services.
    2) The health Check up is a planned activity where the support Engineer will Visit the installations on site and check the performance of the Application and submit the report.
    3) As a part of Data Management Engineer will ensure that data backed up is done so that data can be used as and when required.


Few major Benefits of Managed Services

  • Timely and accurate resolution of support requests
  • Availability of large pool of trained resource
  • Formal and well documented support process and disciplines
  • Problem and change management disciplines
  • Reduction of backlog
  • Stability of staff throughout support project
  • Extended knowledge base

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